About Edmund Komar

Blogger, speaker, certified coach and moderator with a keen sense for strength and growth orientation. Extensive leadership experience in business, consulting, and HR from small businesses to publicly traded enterprises, including as Vice President Corporate Development for AXA insurance, as HR business partner for IT, business security, Deutsche Telekom innovation labs, and as a principal in highly-regarded consulting firms.

„I started people.innovation.partners. to inspire others with my passion for shaping the future and building bridges between tradition and innovation, and to simply offer practical support. Our team of industry-experienced experts facilitates know-how and know-why transfer of best practices developed by highly-dynamic industries and startups to companies that want to leverage innovation expertise and tap into opportunities for new growth.“

Edmund Kommar
Our Mission

Secure tomorrow's innovation expertise - strengthen today's profitability. We

  • advise companies and management,
  • train/coach central functions and managers,
  • build bridges between tradition and innovation,
  • provide direction with impulse presentations, moderate major events,
  • combine sophisticated online formats with proven offline approaches and
  • temporarily manage the implementation.
Innovation = the market yells hurray.

Innovation expertise

  1. Means turning customer proximity into sales revenues and profits.
  2. Is essential for survival - even winners need to learn.
  3. Is worth its weight in gold.
  4. Is more of a marathon than a sprint.
  5. Requires a new approach to social skills and the ability to network.
  6. Needs to be embedded in the company's DNA.
  7. Must support disruptive innovations that become game-changers.